Assane is a Senegalese Chartered Accountant and Financial Expert.
He advises several private sector organisations in analysis and strategic decision-making such as creation, restructuring and growth strategy. Assane also helps companies with analysis of investment projects and identification and management of risks.

Dakar, Senegal
+258 84 703 29 15

Assane has accompanied several private sector organisations in the analysis and their strategic decision-making (creation, restructuring and growth), the implementation of investment projects (analysis, identification and management of risks, development of monitoring tools, analysis of profitability, choice of investment method, project management, as well as in impact studies.

‣ Audit & control
‣ External Audit, Internal Audit, Risk Management,Revision of accounts
‣ Management Control, Budget Management and Tracking
‣ Accounting of public and private organisations
‣ Analysis and financial management of public and private organisations
‣ Establishment of strategic governance system
‣ Analysis and strategic decision
‣ Organisational structure
‣ Establishment of procedures, management and financial control systems

‣ 2016: Diploma of Accounting and Financial Expertise (DECOFI)
‣ 2011: Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Management
Financial (D.E.S.CO.GE.F)
‣ 2004: Graduate Diploma (D.S.C) - Diploma Superior of Accounting and Management Studies (D.S.E.C.G)
‣ 2002: Elementary Accounting Diploma (D.E.C)
‣ 2000: Bachelor's degree

Member of Accountants Association of Senegal - The Ordre National des Experts-Comptables et Comptables Agréés du Sénégal ONECCA