How we help our Clients

Astertax Consulting boasts a lot of experience timely securing quality staff for our Clients’. The key to our success is to maximize the interaction with candidates before signing employment contracts and to minimizing lead time between receiving the candidates resume to signing the employment contract.

Some of our Clients may require professional services in drafting an employment contract and a comprehensive employee handbook.

Astertax Consulting assists our clients with migration services, choosing the best visa for all family members including work permits, business visas, dependent visas and investor visas. We complete administrative tasks on behalf of our clients including preparation of the paperwork, submissions and government liaison.

We help you finding a real estate, buy or rent apartments & commercial properties.
Astertax Consulting helps our Clients find real estates while project managing the engagement from A to Z including:
‣ Apartments listings and commercial properties
‣ Finding the property for our Clients, providing a detailed table of options
‣ Supervising agents and third parties;
‣ Negotiating the best price and closing the deal;
‣ Structuring the property to legally minimize international taxation;