GREENWILL is one of the main worldwide nonprofit initiatives addressing environmental awareness, initiated in 2014 by the European Chamber. Its mission is to achieve that organizations, businesses and individuals make a public pledge by adopting the Green Policy, thus committing to consider environmental aspects when taking decisions. A worldwide success, freeforall, with more than 25000 businesses across 110 countries adopting it, it had its creators invited to speak about it in biggest and most prestigious universities, business schools and institutions across the world, from Cambridge to London, from Vienna to Moscow, Bangalore, Macau, Seoul and countless others. For the first time, its main creator Mr Michele Orzan will be speaking at institutions and organizations in Africa. Mr Orzan is the president of the European Chamber, holding at the same time the titles of Digital Leader (Europe) at the World Economic Forum, Board Member of NESsT Europe, President of the Advisory Board of JEUNE Europe, and is a lecturer and global speaker at universities and events across the globe. Useful links:

It would be a honour for Mr Orzan to have the opportunity to hold a presentation and share innovative and practical ideas regarding the environmental aspects of common social and work attitude.

Meeting will take place at CTA – The Conferation of Business Associations of Mozambique at 24th March.

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