About Us and Our Company

Astertax Consulting was founded in 2012 in Mozambique and since then it has expanded in Africa. Our headquarters are located in Maputo and we operate in other countries in Africa though our network and partners in Angola, Senegal, Congo, Nigeria, Mauritius, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Our network of local and international consultants offers an extensive range of services to worldwide companies through a one-stop-shop approach.
Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping companies successfully develop their operations and obtaining optimum results while doing business in Africa.

Accumulated knowledge through experience
Our deep knowledge of African way of doing business improves our clients efficiency
We value time
We know time is limited and is a uniquely valuable resource in Africa

Company Services

This is our home and therefore we put forward our passion and our ambitions for the development of Africa in everything we do

Company Registration
Astertax Consulting assists you with company incorporation
Accounting, tax & legal services
Astertax Consulting will legally minimize our Clients’ accounting, auditing, and tax obligations
Business set-up support
Astertax Consulting helps your company logistics while setting-up including employee recruitment and office rental solutions
Corporate Banking Solutions
Astertax Consulting will be happy to assist our Clients open a multi-currency corporate bank account

We endeavor to use our professionalism, expertise and years of experience in making it easy for you as a foreigner or expatriate to set up your company and acquire all the relevant government investment licenses and permits.

Knowing the numerous benefits foreign investors bring, we do our best to make investing easy and fast by helping you avoid the bureaucracy

Africa Business Opportunities

Relevant News and Announcements

Together with our partners we share business opportunities, ongoing projects, tenders and relevant news from the countries we operate in Africa