Bridget is a Zimbabwean Lawyer, registered Legal Practitioner, Notary and Conveyancer specialised in International Tax Law. She has also expertise in Zimbabwean key sectors and is a Non-Executive Board Member of ZimTrade

Harare, Zimbabwe
+263 775 099 750

Country Advisor – International Senior Lawyers Project

‣ Risk assessments and reporting for sustainability;
‣ Country risk assessment for political and economic situational analysis;
‣ Sourcing of funding for potential projects and liaison with donors;
‣ Legal research and analysis on risks deriving from the current policy framework on trade and investment law;
‣ Establishment of relationships with potential partners including government departments, NGOs and other non-state actors;
‣ Conducting capacity building sessions for local partners including Law Society of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association.

Independent Consultant- Manokore Attorneys

‣Provision of advice on the government policies and practices relating to trade and investment law
‣ Risk management for on-going government contracts
‣ Legal advisory to clients on legal risks in International Trade and Investment in Zimbabwe
Law Officer - Attorney Generals’ Office - Civil Division, Harare
‣ Civil litigation on behalf of the Government Ministries in the High Court, Magistrates Court, Labour Court, and Administrative Court involving drafting, filing and appearance in court.
‣ Representing Government Ministries in labour arbitration matters.
‣ Attending to board of enquiries on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs.

‣ Bachelor of Laws: LLB (Hons.) (2009) (Fort Hare) (South Africa)
‣ Master of Laws: LLM International Economic Law (2018) (UNISA) (South Africa)
‣Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade Law and Policy (2011) (TRAPCA in collaboration with LUND UNIVERSITY) (Tanzania)

‣ Member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe
‣ Associate Member of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa
‣ Non-Executive Board Member - ZimTrade