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Astertax Consulting assists our Clients with company incorporation in Africa, together with legal, tax, accounting, and banking support

Who we are

Tax, legal and investment advisers, located in sub-Saharan Africa. Partner with us in the African markets.

Astertax works directly with Governments, Confederation of Business Associations and African Investment Promotion Centers. Use our extensive contact networks.

Expanding your business into

As the pace of development into the rest of Africa gains momentum, more and more companies are considering expanding their businesses into this continent

Expanding into Africa is easy
with the right partners

Business in Africa is booming. With a rapidly increasing population and a massive potential for further growth, the continent is attracting large amounts of attention from global companies

Our Services

Our competent advisors ensure full compliance with worldwide standards

While operating in African markets, your company can rely on a competent and experienced team accustomed to dealing with complex business environments

Company Registration

Astertax Consulting assists with company registration process. Our services include:
‣ Company incorporation
‣ Gaining foreign investment approval
‣ Business bank account opening
‣ Visa strategies

Accounting, tax & legal services

Astertax Consulting will legally minimize our Clients’ accounting, auditing, and tax obligations. Specifically:
‣ We prepare annual financial statements and tax returns
‣ We efficiently discharge monthly and quarterly government reporting including VAT, payroll etc.
‣ We plan for legal tax exemption
‣ Practically minimize the monthly administrative burden of our Clients
‣ Negotiating underwriting agreements
‣ We use double taxation treaties to minimize withholding tax
‣ International corporate and personal bank accounts
‣ Bookkeeping, payroll, and tax compliance

Business set-up support

Astertax Consulting helps your company logistics while setting-up. Our services include :
‣ Employee recruitment
‣ Office rental solutions.

Corporate Banking Solutions

Astertax Consulting will be happy to assist our Clients open a multicurrency corporate bank account. We are proud of our African banking relationships and determined to supply our Clients with secure, non-travel corporate bank account solutions.


Astertax Consulting Nigeria
Managing Director - Nigeria
Astertax Consulting; Africa; Business; Advisors, Tax, Legal, Investment
Managing Director - Mozambique
Astertax Consulting; Africa; Business; Advisors, Tax, Legal, Investment
Managing Director - International
Astertax Consulting; Africa; Business; Advisors, Tax, Legal, Investment
COO - Mozambique

Our company values

This is our home and therefore we put forward our passion and our ambitions for the development of Africa in everything we do

Professionalism & Transparency
We conduct all our work with the greatest expertise and make a difference through our professionalism
Responsibility & Ethics
We guarantee the proper execution of our work and respect our duties and obligations to our partners
We value time
Time is limited and is a uniquely valuable resource in Africa. Our deep knowledge of African way of doing business improves our clients efficiency

From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves. We keep on working on enhancement of the services we provide.

Africa Doing Business

Business Opportunities

Together with our partners, we collect and share the most attractive business opportunities for our clients